When your must-have qualities for a car are that it must be British, lightweight, road legal but also good on the track, must have a rear wing but no doors or roof, and you only have a £102,000 budget, you’re really limited on choice. But today Stelvio Automotive has found an answer and it comes in the shape of the Lotus 3-Eleven 430. By Sean Smith

  •  09/12/2018 01:00

With the new WEC rules coming in in 2021, the world is holding its breath to see if Le Mans’ 3rd most successful marque is going to throw its hat back into the ring. But while we wait, today Stelvio Automotive takes a look back to its last effort, the beautiful, loud and red, Ferrari 333 SP. By Sean Smith

  •  25/11/2018 00:59

How do you make the most beautiful car in the world better? How about by adding a 600bhp Keonigsegg engine, making the body even more stunning and adding on some wings. Today Stelvio Automotive explores The Netherlands single greatest export, the Spyker C8 Preliator. By Sean Smith

  •  11/11/2018 00:58

IndyCar felt a tremor when Robert Wickens appeared on the scene in 2018, taking pole and nearly winning the first race, but 2019’s rookie could set off Yellowstone’s Caldera. Today, Stelvio Automotive looks at the force so powerful it was enough to beat Antonio Giovinazzi, Sweden’s rising star, Felix Rosenqvist. By Sean Smith

  •  28/10/2018 00:57

He was Jean-Éric Vergne early nemesis, he won the Macau Grand Prix, twice, he was a test driver for Force India and Red Bull and yet he never made it to Formula 1; but now he has the chance to prove the doubters wrong. Today Stelvio Automotive takes a look at BMW’s Formula E driver, António Félix da Costa. By Sean Smith

  •  21/10/2018 00:56

In 2018 Jaguar are a powerhouse of British prestige and success, but as little as a decade ago they were on the ropes and fighting for their lives. Today Stelvio Automotive takes a look back at the first ‘modern’ Jaguar, the firm right hook to the jaw of their opposition, the Jaguar XK. By Sean Smith

  •  14/10/2018 00:55

The newest F1 game has cemented but not built upon the previous iterations it replaces, and not for the first time in the series history. Today Stelvio Automotive looks at the recent past of F1 game publisher, Codemasters and puts forward a plan to take the series to the pinnacle of motorsport video gaming. By Sean Smith

  •  30/09/2018 00:54

The World Rally Championship may never again be the global phenomenon it once was in the Group B era of the 1980s and early 90s, but the cars today are now the fastest of their kind in a generation. Today Stelvio Automotive looks into how the WRC turns A to B family hatchbacks into 130mph monsters of the forest. By Sean Smith

  •  16/09/2018 00:53

As the 2019 Formula 1 driver’s market slowly begins to take shape, one mid field team is yet to indicate what any of its plans are for next year. Today, Stelvio Automotive takes a look at Haas and explains why they could be a real threat in 2019 and who deserves to drive for the American dream project. By Sean Smith

  •  09/09/2018 00:52

This week, Álvaro Bautista was announced as joining the works Ducati team in the World Superbike Championship for 2019. Today Stelvio Automotive takes a look into the career of the rider who never quite realised his dream in MotoGP, but still has the potential to stamp his name into the record books. By Sean Smith

  •  26/08/2018 00:51

So, 17 months and 28 days after we set off, Stelvio Automotive has reached a milestone, the 50th Article. So, what better reason to finally start the series you’ve all been waiting for: Me, reviewing my own cars. Hope you’re ready! Vol.1 is the review of the mighty Peugeot 106. By Sean Smith

  •  12/08/2018 00:50

During the mid 2000s, Toyota were the big, boring car company. They no sports cars, minimal racing involvement and board engineers who eventually had to vent their frustration. Today Stelvio Automotive takes a look back at the baby-sized axe murderer, Toyota's flash of madness, the 200bhp Aygo Crazy. By Sean Smith

  •  22/07/2018 00:49