As we reach the 2/3rds Stage of the 2018 Verizon IndyCar Series for 2018 it's beginning to look like a showdown between the big teams and their star drivers come the end of the season. But today Stelvio Automotive looks ahead to 2019 and explains why next year may see a changing of the long-standing guard. By Sean Smith

  •  15/07/2018 00:48

Science fiction becoming reality has split people into two camps, those who are excited to embrace the technical revolution and reap its convenience and those who fear the potential destruction of man-kind from artificial intelligence. Today, Stelvio Automotive looks to the future of motoring and the trials holding it back. By Sean Smith

  •  01/07/2018 00:47

In a move that will change the face of Formula 1 for 2019, today Stelvio Automotive takes a look at the tie up between the Honda Motor Company and the Red Bull Racing Team and tries to assess if it can provide the dream partnership of the century or if it will be the final nail in the Japanese brand's F1 ambitions. By Sean Smith

  •  24/06/2018 00:46

With the Le Mans 24hrs is only 1 week away, today Stelvio Automotive looks at the history of the ByKolles Racing team explaining the story of the little team which has fought its way to the big table; and why they could be the unlikely winners of the Great Race. By Sean Smith

  •  10/06/2018 00:45

While few cars in this world can be considered to be works of art, the Noble M15 was one of those which definitely must. Today Stelvio Automotive takes a look back at what was, beyond argument, the best-looking super-car ever. A car which could have swept all its rivals aside, but never made it to production. By Sean Smith

  •  03/06/2018 00:44

Tuesday 22nd May 2018 marks one year since the world lost one of its good guys. Today Stelvio Automotive remembers MotoGP Legend, Nicky Hayden and takes a look back at some of the crowning achievements which keep him in the hearts and minds of all who had the joy of supporting him in his sadly shortened, but one of a kind life. By Sean Smith

  •  20/05/2018 00:43

With only 5 weeks until the Le Mans 24hrs, Stelvio Automotive takes a look at the LMP1 field after the 6hrs of Spa and explains why the engravers should probably step away from the winners' trophies until the very end of the Great Race. By Sean Smith

  •  13/05/2018 00:42

Formula 3 is the key proving ground for young racers. Win and you will be on the shortlist of future F1 drivers, lose and the dream can be over before you turn 20. Today Stelvio Automotive assesses Mick Schumacher and his key rivals in what could be a career defining season for the son of the greatest driver of all time. By Sean Smith

  •  06/05/2018 00:41

We’ve known it’s been coming for years, but will it be the car to inspire the next generation in the way its father was? Today Stelvio Automotive takes a look at the hopes, dreams and reality of the 2019 Toyota Supra. By Sean Smith

  •  22/04/2018 00:40

It’s been said in nearly every good vs evil film, embrace the darkness and you can unlock your true potential. Well in MotoGP in 2009 Kawasaki did, and oh boy, they did. Today Stelvio Automotive takes a look back at the Hayate Racing Team. By Sean Smith

  •  15/04/2018 00:39

The Tesla Model 3 could be the most revolutionary car of a generation, but will the company behind it survive its own crusade? Today Stelvio Automotive takes a look at the electric car for the masses and surveys the mountainous paths that lay between it and success. By Sean Smith

  •  08/04/2018 00:38

They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but instead by the contents inside. Today Stelvio Automotive looks at the opening rounds of the IndyCar and Formula 1 seasons and the tales they set for the year ahead. By Sean Smith

  •  01/04/2018 00:37