2018 Articles #Toyota

When your must-have qualities for a car are that it must be British, lightweight, road legal but also good on the track, must have a rear wing but no doors or roof, and you only have a £102,000 budget, you’re really limited on choice. But today Stelvio Automotive has found an answer and it comes in the shape of the Lotus 3-Eleven 430. By Sean Smith

The World Rally Championship may never again be the global phenomenon it once was in the Group B era of the 1980s and early 90s, but the cars today are now the fastest of their kind in a generation. Today Stelvio Automotive looks into how the WRC turns A to B family hatchbacks into 130mph monsters of the forest. By Sean Smith

During the mid 2000s, Toyota were the big, boring car company. They no sports cars, minimal racing involvement and board engineers who eventually had to vent their frustration. Today Stelvio Automotive takes a look back at the baby-sized axe murderer, Toyota's flash of madness, the 200bhp Aygo Crazy. By Sean Smith

With only 5 weeks until the Le Mans 24hrs, Stelvio Automotive takes a look at the LMP1 field after the 6hrs of Spa and explains why the engravers should probably step away from the winners' trophies until the very end of the Great Race. By Sean Smith

We’ve known it’s been coming for years, but will it be the car to inspire the next generation in the way its father was? Today Stelvio Automotive takes a look at the hopes, dreams and reality of the 2019 Toyota Supra. By Sean Smith

Hydrogen Technology is what will save the world, or at least that’s my theory if it can get into the hands of the masses. Today Stelvio Automotive takes a look at the little car with the big ideas, the Riversimple Rasa. By Sean Smith

It’s a new year and a new dawn for the WEC and its premier class - LMP1. Porsche are gone but today Stelvio Automotive looks at why this could be exactly what the series needed as it enters its ‘Super Season’. By Sean Smith