2019 Articles #FIA

A top tier, multi-manufacturer, prototype racing series, full of promise but which ultimately fell as its big teams pulled out, leaving Toyota as the last one standing. Sound familiar? Today Stelvio Automotive goes back to the 80s and 90s and looks at the rise and fall of the GTP class. By Sean Smith

With the Summer break now in effect, it’s time for the rumour mill and silly season to begin in earnest. Today Stelvio Automotive takes a look at the top drivers in the Formula 2 feeder series and talks about who we may be hearing more of in Formula 1 in 2020. By Sean Smith

2018 saw the 4th oldest team on the F1 grid rise from near bankruptcy to debatably having the fastest car in the sport’s unofficial “class B”. Today Stelvio Automotive takes a look at the story of Sauber and why they could be a key player in the 2019 Championship and beyond. By Sean Smith