2019 Articles #Honda

After months of preparation and planning, the long awaited tie up races between Super GT and DTM finally happened. Today Stelvio Automotive reviews how the two standard bearers of ‘Class One’ compared and what it means for the future of GT racing. By Sean Smith

With the 2019 season long wrapped up, it’s time for IndyCar to prepare for the next decade. With a major safety change for 2020 and a whole new engine and car in the next three years, today Stelvio Automotive discusses how the best single seater series is going to get even better. By Sean Smith

With eight world titles in the last ten years, Marc Márquez has put himself in sight of becoming the greatest MotoGP rider in history, before he even turns 30. Today Stelvio Automotive asks the question, can he be beaten, and if so, by who? By Sean Smith

The 22nd July 2007 was a special day in Formula 1 history. A wet race, an on track pass for the win and a debutant leading his first and only start in a backmarker car. Today Stelvio Automotive looks back at the 2007 European Grand Prix. By Sean Smith

Japan’s rich motorsport history includes victories at the Le Mans 24hrs, the Indy 500, in MotoGP and WSBK, junior level championships and more, but nobody from Japan has ever won a race in Formula 1. Today Stelvio Automotive looks at who it may take for that to finally be righted. By Sean Smith

2020 will see the introduction of the Electric Touring Car Racing Series, pitting real life road cars against each other under electric power alone. Today Stelvio Automotive takes a look at the specs and the potential of this series and why it matters to the world. By Sean Smith

Two high quality drivers, a budget believed to be in the £200M+ bracket, and yet only 43 points, 6th in the Constructors’ Standings with a little over half the points of a customer. Today Stelvio Automotive looks at the Renault F1 team and questions how the French giant will get back to winning ways. By Sean Smith

What began as a dream has turned into a summer of discontent for Ducati’s Álvaro Bautista with Kawasaki set to complete on of motorsports’ best comebacks. Today Stelvio Automotive looks at why a move to Honda is on the cards for the Spaniard and what may play out from it in the red garage he would leave behind. By Sean Smith

The 2010s has seen the reincarnations of the Toyota Supra and Honda NSX, the resurgence of the saloon in the Alfa Romeo Guilia, and a blandness of the general population though SUVs. But today Stelvio Automotive shows off some of the cars which “COULD” (and should) happen in the next decade... fingers crossed! By Sean Smith

A rapid rise, followed by a sharp dismissal, a year and a half of irrelevance and a year-long fight back to now be mentioned for a second crack of the Red Bull whip. Today Stelvio Automotive looks at the career of Daniil Kvyat and questions whether he deserves to take the place of their rapidly falling star, Pierre Gasly. By Sean Smith

On July 7th 2019, the inaugural MotoE Championship will line up on the starting grid as the first venture into electric motorcycle racing. Today Stelvio Automotive looks at the struggles, the flaws and the golden opportunity this series has to change the world. By Sean Smith

After a high octane start to the season, the IndyCar circus is coming home. Today Stelvio Automotive takes a look at IndyCar’s crown jewel event and gives some pointers for who to watch out for when the fastest race in the world goes green on May 26th for the 103rd running of the Indianapolis 500. By Sean Smith