2019 Articles #LeMans

With over 100 years of innovation and pioneering technology, pushing the boundaries and impressing the world, Nissan has grown to be Japan’s 2nd biggest automotive manufacturer, but at what cost? Today Stelvio Automotive looks into Nissan’s motorsport missteps and asks what’s gone wrong? By Sean Smith

A top tier, multi-manufacturer, prototype racing series, full of promise but which ultimately fell as its big teams pulled out, leaving Toyota as the last one standing. Sound familiar? Today Stelvio Automotive goes back to the 80s and 90s and looks at the rise and fall of the GTP class. By Sean Smith

Lotus have just changed what it means to be a hypercar, and it could change the World. Today Stelvio Automotive takes a look at not just the fastest, most powerful Lotus ever made, but something truly special in the history of motoring, the Evija. By Sean Smith

What do you get when a British sports and race car manufacturer decides to enter the supercar scene? Well, you’re about to find out. Today Stelvio Automotive takes a look at the UK’s biggest, small car company and their Le Mans derived road car to take on the big guns. By Sean Smith

2018 saw the 4th oldest team on the F1 grid rise from near bankruptcy to debatably having the fastest car in the sport’s unofficial “class B”. Today Stelvio Automotive takes a look at the story of Sauber and why they could be a key player in the 2019 Championship and beyond. By Sean Smith