2021 Articles

  •  25/03/2021 00:03

The absence of MotoGP’s 6-time premier class Champion, Marc Márquez, revealed the deep, otherwise obscured, issues in the Honda Racing Corporation’s MotoGP squad and its RC213V. Today Stelvio Automotive looks at whether their 28 year old talisman will be enough to haul Honda up from 6th in the constructors’ standings, or if recent examples point to a more uncertain fate?! By Sean Smith

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  •  23/02/2021 00:02

In 1996, Lotus launched a small, fun, affordable sports car which reversed the fortunes of an ailing company, the Elise. 25 years later, it will finally be retired to make way for history to repeat once again. Today Stelvio Automotive looks at how the Elise, Exige and Evora turned Lotus around and what the next stage will be. By Sean Smith

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  •  18/01/2021 00:01

With the Alfa Romeo Sauber one of currently only two teams keeping an unchanged line-up going into the new F1 season, which of their drivers will be first to go, and when? Today Stelvio Automotive asks if Antonio Giovinazzi has what it takes to take over the leader’s role from Kimi Räikkönen and remain part of the Ferrari plans. By Sean Smith

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