• Jul 3, 2022

Álvaro Bautista, aboard a works Ducati, leading the WSBK Championship after the first stage of the season, looking dominant, but also with the threat of a green Kawasaki behind. Stelvio Automotive’s editor-in-chief is trying to contain his excitement this time around, but asks, can Bautista do it? Sean Smith

  • May 1, 2022

From a brand that literally soared over the competition, to a marque which is almost obscure to the current generation of motorsport and motoring enthusiasts. What has happened to this once great name, and will it make a comeback? Stelvio Automotive investigates the possibilities. Sean Smith

  • Apr 12, 2022

Eight years after the longest serving LMP1 car in history made its debut, ByKolles are looking to make a comeback with their new Hypercar. Against a 2023 field with potentially more rivals than they have ever faced, Stelvio Automotive look at what might be possible for minnows of the WEC. Sean Smith

  • Feb 28, 2022

Thirteen years after the team in red claimed one of the big trophies, the first week of testing has given hope that Ferrari may finally be able to have a car which can challenge for a title. But history is not on their side as Stelvio Automotive’s Editor in Chief discusses… Sean Smith

  • Jan 22, 2022

In the first of the new monthly opinion pieces, Stelvio Automotive’s Editor in Chief, Sean Smith, looks at the prospect of top-level motor sports across almost all genres in this decade being fondly remembered by those who look back on it in the future. Sean Smith