05 May

Episode 4 of Sam Green Race Engineering looks into the reason we all watch racing (aside from the crashes), on track overtaking. We delve into the history, the science and black magic of dirty air, as well as how the driver still holds the balance of power in the age-old art form.

Presented by Sam Green and Sean Smith

Karting, Formula 3, Formula 2, Formula 1, IndyCar, MotoGP, GT Racing, World Superbikes, WEC, DTM, Super GT, Nascar.

All very different, all require their own philosophies and actions from the drivers and riders controlling the machines at their control, but since the inception of motorsport there has been one thing which fans have always been drawn too. The overtakes.

From the classic fights between power vs chassis, the era of aerodynamics and the modern fixes it has spawned, the development of carbon brake systems, the trick of 'the dummy' and more, we look at all the aspects which make motor racing what it is today and explain what why and how it all works.

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