21 Aug

Episode 5 of Sam Green Race Engineering takes a look at the ever-revolving subject of the tyre drama in Formula 1. We take a look at the current situation, the history and what to look forward to in 2021 along with what we want to see from Pirelli's harder wearing tyres in the near future.

Presented by Sam Green and Sean Smith

Tyres are the single most divisive issue currently being discussed in Formula 1.

After a decade of the sport's single supplier concept, we have seen more years than not where the supplier has been verbally attacked for their product as the sport and the manufacturer fights between making a tyre that impresses and one that gives the best show.

Today we discuss the various issues and benefits of F1's single supplier dilemma, explaining what has caused the boring 1 stop races of the modern era, take a look at what we can expect from the change to 18 inch rims in 2021, and try and decide how the sport needs to move on from 2020 in order to save the show and the reputation of the tyre suppliers from the ever increasing fan backlash.

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