17 Feb

Episode 3 of Sam Green Race Engineering looks into the life saving changes that have occurred in the last 100 years of crash helmet design. From the scull cap to bullet proof Kevlar, we track the biggest advances in the technology which protects everyone from children to F1's stars.

Presented by Sam Green and Sean Smith

Formula 1's head protection has been a topic of greater public interest in recent years with the introduction of the Halo, but did you know that a century ago drivers were roaring around with little more than some goggles to deflect wind and a cap to keep warm?

Well, in this episode we look at the evolution of the trusty crash helmet, from those humble beginnings to the 2019 masterpiece which will protect the grid for the future. Bulletproof, high tech, designed from the teachings of over 60 years development, join us for a little history lesson on how the crash helmets of today protect lives in both F1 and for everyone.

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