Hi, my name is Sean Smith and I own a beautiful Toyota Celica, race high speed electric RC cars and have a pet robot dinosaur (and a kitten).

For the last 14 years I've been what's commonly known as a petrol head, I love cars, motorbikes and automotive engineering and have always had an interest in the mechanical world we live in.

In 2016 I joined my good friend Dhilon Sudra's website, SJB Supercars, and wrote 23 articles on many subjects from Formula 1 and Le Mans to Tamiya's full scale version of one of its RC cars.

After leaving University I began my own endeavour and created the glorious website you see before you, Stelvio Automotive, on February 10th 2017. 

This site acts as my own place to voice opinions and debate on news, trends, developments and whatever else my guests, friends and I wish to discuss which has any connection to the motorsport, automotive and technological industries.

Entering year 5, expect in 2021 for Stelvio Automotive to continue with more articles and podcasts including The Stelvio Chronicles and This Month In Motorsport

All Articles and Podcasts will now be going live every Monday and/or Thursday with everything being posted on the WebsiteFacebook and Twitter pages, along with all the podcasts being hosted on SpotifyAnchor and other podcast providers to listen to at your convenience.

So please, Like, Share, Follow and Comment, stay tuned to Stelvio Automotive in 2020 and beyond for the best opinionated and occasionally biased automotive journalism on all of the internet.