The Good, The Bad & The Cree #Honda

  •  09/01/2021 00:05

Episode 5 of TGTB&TC kicks off the new year with an in-depth look at the Super GT and Super Formula championships. Delving into the politics of the series for Japan's big three marques, as well as the amazing talent and on track racing, we look into what makes Japanese motorsport the one to watch in 2021. Hosted by Sean Smith, Chris Strickland and Sam Green

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  •  10/07/2020 00:04

Episode 4 of TGTB&TC takes a friendly dig at a recently published Autosport feature and gives our "corrected" list of the top 10 best looking F1 cars ever to grace a racing circuit. From the shark-nose Ferrari 156 to the West McLaren, we take a look at some true racing beauties! Hosted by Sean Smith and Chris Strickland

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  •  18/08/2019 00:02

Episode 2 of TGTB&TC takes a look through the five eras of Honda in Formula 1, going year by year and car by car we take a look back through the long line of highs and lows of Japan's most successful F1 manufacturer. Hosted by Sean Smith and Chris Strickland

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