Break Time Is Over, Let's Make Some Noise! - The F1 2019 Winter Testing Round Up - The Stelvio Chronicles Episode 11

03 Mar

Episode 11 of The Stelvio Chronicles brings you all up to speed following Formula 1's Winter Testing. With new cars, new drivers, new aerodynamic philosophies and an unknown pecking order, the season is set to be a good news story for the sport as it emerges from its winter slumber.

Presented by Sean Smith, joined by Joe Freeston

The digital images have been uploaded, the cloth pulled back, the videos posted and the pit lane garages opened. Formula 1 is officially back in business and the cars will currently be in their containers being shipped or flown off to Albert Park, Australia, for race one for the new season.

2019 brings with it new rules, and with it, new challenges, new drivers, new cars, and new questions. The biggest of these may not be answered even until December, will Mercedes finally be deposed? Listen in below to hear our findings, opinions and predictions on how the 70th Formula 1 season may play out, who to look out for and who looks to be in trouble with only a couple of weeks to go until lights out down-under. 

My thanks to Stelvio Automotive's latest podcast guest and my good friend from college, Joe Freeston, back after his debut in January's This Month In Motorsport, look forward to more insight from him later in the year.

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 The Stelvio Chronicles - Episode 11 - #StelvioAuto