How to get the Pinnacle of GT Racing back on Top - The Future of GTE Debate - The Stelvio Chronicles Episode 12

24 Mar

Episode 12 of the Stelvio Chronicles debates the future of the WEC's GTE class and looks at the various routes the rule-makers could take to boost the grid size and manufacturer appeal with the other series stealing the limelight and the LMP-Hypercar rules edging ever closer to reality. 

Hosted by Sean Smith. Joined by Alistair Walker, Chris Strickland and Sam Green

Le Mans is the greatest race in the world. It has it's LMP1 rocket ships doing 220mph down the straight and not much lower speeds through the corners, it's accessible to the fans, a great spectacle, well priced and shows off some of the greatest feats of human engineering.

But there's always been the 2nd tier, the GT's. The class where supercars available from the manufacturers showrooms are stripped out to become the monsters which produce the closest racing on the track which can see battles go on for hours at a time. But in the WEC era's GTE rule book, the class has always been slightly spartan when you look at the number of manufactures compared to other series.

In this episode, with the LMP-Hypercar rules on the horizon, we discuss what might be the best solution for the future of the GTE class. Looking at options from DTM to SuperGT and the considerably more populous GT3 category, we decide on the best road-map to see the class, which is still most important to the showroom sales, regain it's lustre and take back it's crown as the world's premier GT class.

My thanks to Chris, Sam and Alistair for their input, as well as Rye House Raceway for allowing us to borrow their Owner Driver pit building once again.

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