The Stelvio Chronicles #EV

  •  31/05/2020 00:27

Episode 27 of The Stelvio Chronicles reacts to the suspension of Audi Sport Works Driver, Daniel Abt, from the factory Formula E team following an incident of cheating in the championship's "Race From Home" e-sport series. We look at what happened, look at both sides of the argument and compare it to other recent e-sports/real world dramas. Hosted by Sean Smith. Joined by Chris Strickland.

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  •  19/03/2020 00:24

Episode 24 of the Stelvio Chronicles takes a look at the upcoming ban on the sale of all fossil fuel and hybrid cars in the UK, due to take place in 2035. With major problems in charging infrastructure, cost of manufacture, the limits of battery electric technology and more, we weigh in on the feasibility of this short timescale. Hosted by Sean Smith. Joined by Chris Strickland, James Montgomery and Jordan Baxter

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  •  27/01/2020 00:21

Episode 21 of the Stelvio Chronicles reviews the crash-fest that was the 2020 Santiago E-Prix. We discuss the physical and mental causes of Formula E's full contact nature, the message it gives to the outside world, as well as the new junior series coming to the electric racing scene this summer, the ERA. Hosted by Sean Smith. Joined by Chris Strickland and Sam Green

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