The Stelvio Chronicles #Gaming

  •  31/05/2020 00:27

Episode 27 of The Stelvio Chronicles reacts to the suspension of Audi Sport Works Driver, Daniel Abt, from the factory Formula E team following an incident of cheating in the championship's "Race From Home" e-sport series. We look at what happened, look at both sides of the argument and compare it to other recent e-sports/real world dramas. Hosted by Sean Smith. Joined by Chris Strickland.

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  •  23/09/2018 00:05

Episode 5 of the Stelvio Chronicles takes a more serious tone, that of the revolution of vehicle safety from 1860 and the age of steam, the autobahns of 1930s, speed limits in the present day all the way to 2060 and our A.I. future. Sean Smith, Christopher Strickland, James Montgomery and Alistair Walker

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