The Stelvio Chronicles #Schumacher

  •  08/10/2020 00:33

Episode 33 of The Stelvio Chronicles discusses the performances and the prospects of the star performers of Ferrari's FDA in Formula 2 this year. With Mick Schumacher, Callum Ilott and Robert Schwartzman all preparing to make their FP1 debuts in F1 this year, we discuss what has impressed us in their F2 season so far and what their futures hold for 2021 and beyond. Hosted by Sean Smith. Joined by Sam Green.

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  •  18/11/2018 00:07

Episode 7 of the Stelvio Chronicles takes a look at RC racing from the grass roots to the bi-annual World Championships we explore the electrifying, cutting edge hobby with a world wide presence accessible to everyone. Presented by Sean Smith, joined by Alistair Walker

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