The Best Birthday List in the World, An Ultimate Dream Car Garage - The Stelvio Chronicles Episode 6

04 Nov

It's 1 week to my Birthday! So to celebrate, Episode 6 of the Stelvio Chronicles looks as our Ultimate Dream Cars, from Ferrari to Spyker to a 1920s Bentley, we map out an ultimate 11 car garage.

Sean Smith and Sam Green

Every petrol head, be them a man, woman or child, have cars which they truly love, ones which they aspire to have, or even just see.

Well, as it's my birthday next week, what better a reason do I need to discuss, imagine and show off some of the cars at the very top of my list. Episode 6 of the Stelvio Chronicles looks at vehicles past present and even future from across the world with 6 countries represented on our combined list.

Warning: The episode includes some devastating figures including one machine worth £20,000,000 and another with over 1,300bhp. 

Ferrari FXX - McLaren P1 - McLaren Speedtail - Jaguar XJ220 
Mercedes AMG GTR - Lister Jaguar Costin Coupe - Spyker C8 Aileron - Ferrari F430 Scuderia 
Tesla Model S - NIO EP9 - Bentley 4 1/2ltr Blower

Joining me for his 4th appearance on The Chronicles is Sam Green of Rye House. Thank you very much to him once again and also a reminder to everyone reading and listening to keep their eyes peeled as we look forward to a special feature mentioned in the episode below coming up in the next few weeks.

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