23 Jun

Episode 15 of the Stelvio Chronicles takes the form of a full-on fist fight of opinion. In the wake of the recent pyramidization of the FIA single-seater ladder, we take a look at the brand new Dallara 320 car and compare it to its predecessors and the new FIA Formula 3 car. We debate what makes a "true" F3 car and remember our favourite moments.

Hosted by Sean Smith. Joined by Chris Strickland

What makes a Formula 3 car a "Formula 3" car?

That's is the question we'll be discussing on the Stelvio Chronicles' 15th edition.

As Dallara release the "320", replacing the outgoing F317 and it's 20+ year family tree, we take a look at the changes, the improvements and more from the car created on the request of the teams themselves to give them a "traditional" F3-like car, following the 2019 introduction of the "official" F3 car. 

Does having the Formula 3 badge make a car a "Formula 3" car? Should the sport evolve with the times? These questions and more are looked at as the two opposing mindsets clash.

We hope you enjoy. Please weigh in with your thoughts in the comments.

Apologies for the slight sound imbalance. We're not sure what caused it and will endeavour to make sure it doesn't happen in future.

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 The Stelvio Chronicles - Episode 15 - #StelvioAuto