29 Apr

Episode 1 of the Stelvio Automotive Podcast, The Stelvio Chronicles, discusses the three head protection solutions in Motorsport, their benefits and limitations and what the future may bring.

Sean Smith and Christopher Strickland

A week later than planned, episode 1 of The Stelvio Chronicles is finally a reality.

The official first podcast discusses what is to many racing fans the most important and divisive topic of a generation, racing driver head protection.

For this first episode I am joined by my friend and fellow University Graduate, Chris Strickland, many thanks to him for taking part and providing his insight and views on this matter.

I hope everyone enjoys the episode and I look forward to doing more of these in the future.

Firstly - A special mention to Rye House Raceway. Last weekend they allowed Stelvio Automotive to film 4 or 5 episodes throughout the day but unfortunately the content was lost due to an unknown technical error which corrupted and deleted the files losing a couple of hours worth of footage, I highly appreciate them allowing me the opportunity. 

My thanks in particular go to Sam Green, Matt Scott, James Montgomery and Jamel Aden who all took part and I look forward to rejoining for future episodes and articles as well as Ryan Musk from Rye House who allowed the day to go ahead in the first place.

Disclaimer - All views and opinions voiced in the Stelvio Chronicles along with all Stelvio Automotive media are the views and opinions of only those who air them at that particular time. They are not the views of any 3rd parties associated to any individuals taking part.