This Month In Motorsport - Stelvio Automotive - February 2019

27 Feb

- Formula 1's Testing Times... For Williams

- Formula E's Mexican Crescendo 

- WRC 2019 Season Takes Off

Hosted by Sean Smith. Joined By Sam Green, Chris Strickland and Alistair Walker

This Month in Motorsport - The Monthly Podacst News Discussion - All Guests Choose a News Headline From the Last 28 to 31 Days and are Limited to Just 10 minutes to Discuss the News and Greater Stories Around it.

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This Month it's the whole Stelvio Automotive crew are a combined unit. My thanks to Sam Green, Chris Strickland and Alistair Walker. Special thanks, also, to Rye House Kart Raceway for lending us access to their facilities.

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This Month In Motorsport - February 2019 - Stelvio Automotive - #StelvioAuto