This Month In Motorsport - Stelvio Automotive - June 2019

26 Jun

- Vettel's Controversial Canada Penalty Steals First Ferrari Win

- The Midfield Battle Intensifies Between McLaren and Renault

- 2021 Budget Cap Finally Confirmed

Hosted by Sean Smith. Joined by Joe Freeston

This Month in Motorsport - The Monthly Podacst News Discussion - All Guests Choose a News Headline From the Last 28 to 31 Days and are Limited to Just 10 minutes to Discuss the News and Greater Stories Around it.

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Half way through the year. June, the greatest month for motor racing. "Where's Le Mans" I hear you ask, don't panic, that will be coming soon in a special review podcast. In the mean time, This Month In Motorsport takes the form of an F1 Special. With Controversy taking the centre stage at the top of the standings, the midfield fighting tooth and nail for the scraps, and the hopeful reset planned for 2021 taking a major step forward with a new budget cap, it's certainly been a month to take note of. Time for Joe and I to recap.

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This Month In Motorsport - June 2019 - Stelvio Automotive - #StelvioAuto